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Madison Hann
“My experience with ASP and Coach Vince has been more than what I could ask for.”
“I trusted him to help me reach my goals especially with volleyball and the results that I’ve accomplished are tremendous! I couldn’t have asked for a better coach/program for high performance conditioning! I’m very grateful to have someone that’s as enthusiastic about training as Vince is! And I’ve never had someone take so much time into getting to know what works best for me, so it’s greatly appreciated!”
Logan Sangster
“Working with Vince has been an incredible experience!”
“Squatting 300lbs and Hang Cleaning 225lbs at 163lbs while increasing my speed and vertical tremendously used to be far from possible, but he has made it happen for me in less than a year of working with him. Vince is the smartest guy I’ve ever met. Talking with him has given me a brighter outlook on life and has made me stronger mentally as well!”
Maria Chalker
“I started with Vince early September. My background is predominantly running, but I love to bike, and swim.”
“I have always complimented my endurance training with weights , however I was looking for the extra push and personalized approach that Vince offers. I am really enjoying my training at ASP, Vince knows exactly when to push the weights and when to scale back depending on my level of activity outside the gym. I am noticing improvements in my overall strength, which has supported my body while out trail running and in the pool. I’m excited for my next phase of training.”

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